Our Mission

ChowTime provides enterprise-class software and integrated cloud services to restaurants globally. The company’s first product, ChowTime for iOS, is a guest management workflow application that handles all aspects of restaurant customer acquisition and interaction not typically addressed by Point of Sales (POS) systems.

Our Customers

Restaurants license our cloud-based services to enhance the standalone functionality of our free restaurant management app. Diners use ChowTime cloud services when making reservations on a restaurant’s website or Facebook page and when communicating with the host or hostess via text messages and emails.

Our Difference

Companies that provide similar services, notably online reservations, have traditionally inserted themselves and their brands between the consumer and the restaurant. In doing so, they position themselves as a gatekeeper, and typically charge a fee for each diner they “deliver” to the restaurant. Our philosophy is different. We do not charge our customers transaction fees for online reservations and we firmly believe that it is our role to provide the tools that help restaurants promote their own brand, website, and social media presence.


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