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How It Works

No Account Required

ChowTime is a free app that works out of the box without an Internet connection*.

* An Internet connection is required to run the Setup Tutorial, Seating Chart Editor and Demo Mode.

Optional Cloud Services

Add online reservations, SMS paging, mobile calendar and cloud backup for just $99* per month.

* $49 monthly fee enables cloud account access from a single device.

No Obligation Free Trial

Try ChowTime Cloud Services free for 90 days - no credit card required.

Download the iPad app to get started.

Take control of your floor.

Drag-and-Drop Table Management

  • Scalable vector graphics
  • Drag and drop seating
  • Standard (private) tables
  • Community (shared) tables
  • Bars & counters with custom shapes
  • Table combinations
  • Server-section balancing
  • Configurable table priorities
  • Automatic holds (Seating GeniusTM)
  • Manual blocks / notes
  • Status indicators (dessert, check-down, bussing)
  • Color-coded turn expectancy

ChowTime helps keep your reception staff stay "out of the weeds" and focused on your customers. The dashboard will alert your host to situations that may require special attention - such as overdue waits, longer than expected table turns, or late-arriving reservations.

Throw out those old fashioned pagers.

Smart Wait List with SMS Paging

  • Eliminate annoying buzzers
  • Custom seating criteria (e.g. patio, highchair, booth)
  • Automatic wait estimates
  • Automatic table assignments
  • Unlimited cloud-based paging *
  • Cellular paging (data plan required)
  • Mobile wait list option
  • 2-way texting
* ChowTime Cloud Service

The Seating GenuisTM utilizes your restaurant's seating history to estimate table turn times based on season, day of the week, time of day, party size and specific tables, enabling incredibly accurate wait estimates.


Make the switch from pen and paper.

Reservation Book

  • iOS Contacts integration
  • Flexible sheet setup
  • Customer name auto-suggest
  • Seemless email capture
  • Callback status icons
  • Multi-value flagging
  • Automatic table assignment
  • Website reservations *
  • Remote management console *
  • Online inventory control *
  • Mobile calendar access *
* ChowTime Cloud Service

Know your customers.

Guest Database

  • iOS Contacts integration
  • Guests notes automatically added to reservations
  • Easily capture guest contact info
  • Reservation history
  • CSV Import / Export

With Cloud Services, your Guest Database is automatically backed up on the ChowTime servers every time you make a change. Broadcast deals and specials to your customer and easily communicate with customers via emails or texts directly from the ChowTime app.


We simply provide a great restaurant guest management system at an affordable price.


Guest Management for the other 99%
of full service restaurants.




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